Ulflag now recruiting celebrity cricket players!

Today we had the exclusive opportunity to share a quality moment with Darren Gough, celebrity and retired cricket player and introduce him to the viking world! Everyone much enjoyed the moment despite the cold weather, it was a great time of sharing and initiation!

Tongeren & the Circle of the Four Storms

Max winning the circle

The Ulflag went to Belgium to take part in the Viking Festival in the city of Tongeren. The highlight of the show was a contemporary interpretation of the Vikings in the 21st century with the burning of a viking (space)ship and our very own Lord Archon winning what is now known as the Circle of the Four Storms!

Photoshoot at the Epping Forest

Ulflag in the Epping Forest

The Ulflag came together for an epic photo shoot at the Epping Forest! Thanks to our official war correspondent Gesine Garz this mission was a success!!! Her exceptional work will be used to bring the members of the Ulflag to life on this website. More of her work can be found here.

Fayre Time Festival

Ulflag at Fayre times

The Ulflag put on a great show at Fayre Times with the help of Valhalla and Niflheim!

The Battle of Clontarf


A contingent of the Ulflag went to Ireland for the millenium anniversary where more than 500 vikings from all over the world had gathered.

Ancient Black Ops

Ancient Black Ops

The drengir of the Ulflag feature in two episodes (5 "Viking Berserker" and 6 "The Varangian Guard") of the "Ancient Black Ops" series on Yesterday Channel.

East Storm training weekend - 21st century Viking part2

East Storm training weekend

Latest News East Storm training weekend

On the 8th and 9th February 2014, seven brave warriors of the Ulflag are sailing off to Poland for a weekend of training. It is a rare opportunity that all warriors wanting to join the ranks of the East Storm at Wolin should take; only the bravest and strongest fighters will be chosen to be on the front line.

Ulflag Jomsviking training video

Jomsborg Ulflag - The London Vikings from Ulfinnr Swordbearer on Vimeo.

On Wednesdays, the Ulflag holds training sessions with a strong focus on technique and skills. For that particular session, the Ulfag was proud to welcome guests from Texas and Poland. The fight reached new levels of intensity with the Jomsviking encouraging the other fighters to give their best.

Ulflag, a new chapter of Jomsborg

Latest News Ullfag a new chapter of Jomsborg

In September 2013, the East Storm Commander, Igor Gorewicz, moored on Enlgish land to conduct a very special ceremony. Magnus Rus Ulfson, spiritual son of Ulf Eirik, carrier of the flame of honor and chief of the Wolf pack, was to be sworn in on that day. After much political strife and struggle with friends turned foes, Magnus Rus managed, with the support of his brothers, to emerge from the darkness and rise into the light.

After a year of hardship and dedication, Magnus managed to surround himself with true friends and brothers and acquire their loyalty. Once the wolf pack was gathered, it had to be born, and by the mean of a formal ceremony, the Lord of the East summoned the Norse and Slavic Gods to attend the official birth of the Ulflag. Some months later, the warriors deemed worthy of entering the Ulflag and the brotherhood of Jomsborg, were to take their oath and swear to their Styrsman, East Storm and Brotherhood. The ceremony was conducted at a sacred place, where the spirits of old are strong and the Gods can weave their seidr undistrubed. By taking the oath, each warrior was to become a wolf brother to the other, swearing on their weapons and honor.

Phil's memorial

Latest News Phil's Memorial

In June 2013, the Brotherhood of Jomsborg together with friends from close and distant shores have come together in Wolin (Poland), to the home of the Jomsviking to present their farewell wishes to Ulf Eirik. Ulf Eirik was the first Jarl of Jomsborg and one of the founders of the era of the modern viking on a global scale. The send off ceremony saw brothers from Texas, Canada, Germany, france, Poland, Sweden, England, Russia and other lands come together to awaken the slumbering Norse Gods so that the fallen Jarl could cross Bifrost and enter Odin's hall. A formal Norse and Slavic ceremony took place with and several offerings and sacrifices being made followed by the burning of a longship.

This surreal moment will stay forever engraved in the memories of those in attendance despite the heavy partying and reveling that ensued. Later in the night, a heavy thunderstorm roared and rain poured as the Gods were raging with anger at the Norns for their mischievous weaving and cried for they had not seen such a worthy man, entering Valhalla for a thousand years. When dawn came and the fire grew cold, the ashes were gathered and burried beneath a rune stone specially carved in remembrance of the formidable character Ulf Eirik had been.

New Training Hall

Latest News New Training Hall

As of June 2012 - A new mid week Wednesday training hall has started; here we work on more advanced combat ranging from singular combat to unit fighting. Only those who have been passed by a Joms Viking training officer or have gone through the JomsViking fighting system basic training may fight on Wednesday's. We look forward to seeing you there!

Miklagard is Born

Latest News Miglagard is Born

We officially started in April 2012, since then we have grown a considerable force, and wait to be sworn in by the Jarl of Jomsborg. With over twenty warriors it makes a good start for our brothers to flourish and build upon the first few months of progression.

If you would like to join us, please contact us for more information.

Rumble In the Jungle UK

Latest News Rumble In the Jungle UK

As hosted by the Joms Vikings, Rumble in the Jungle UK is now being hosted at Purfleet Cherrywood Campsite in Essex. A range of fighters from all over Jomsborg will be joining us for this fantastic training weekend focusing on unit fighting, singular combat, and of course The Holmganger.

For more information, please contact us, if you are a Viking age steel combat fighter and wish to attend!